Contemporary Abstract Art - Philip Kenton - Visions of the Universe


Philip was born and raised in London, near the Tower of London. He left home for America and became a United States citizen and resident 40 years ago. He began painting on his own, without any formal instruction, while living in Minneapolis. He enrolled in the Minneapolis Institute of Art in order to hone his skills, however, within a few weeks he was advised that there was no need for him to continue. He had already developed all the tools necessary to become a fine artist.

Leonardo Nierman has had and continues to have a strong influence on his artwork. Philip has been described as an instinctive artist and his paintings are an honest reflection of himself. Philip has been honing his skills as an artist and his work has been evolving artistically so that his colors blend and oppose each other, creating the majesty of space. Philip receives his inspiration from all of nature, and has been interested in the stars, sun and planets since childhood. The cloud formations, the dynamic colors of sunset, the volcanic flow, blended with the sea and the cosmos, create a blend of nature that doesn’t contrast, but rather is a balanced composition that challenges the imagination and the intellect. Philip states that if one were to look through the Hubble Telescope, add a little artistic license, you would have his thoughts on the universe.

Philip’s paintings have been displayed at the Marshall Gallery, Old Town Gallery, in Henderson Nevada; Art Encounter, Odyssey Celebration at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada; and The Country Club at Lake Las Vegas, Nevada. While residing in Oregon, his paintings have hung at the Donatello Gallery and Gresham City Hall. Philip now resides in Henderson, Nevada and had a very successful showing at the 2009 Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“People often ask me why I paint abstract and the answer is quite simple..... We live in a structured and organized environment. That’s a world I don’t want to paint as an artist.”