Contemporary Abstract Art - Philip Kenton - Visions of the Universe

The Contemporary Abstract Art of Philip Kenton - Visions of the Universe

abstract art - genesisContemporary abstract art is my passion and love, and my art designs are unique and vibrant. I receive my inspiration from the beauty that nature provides - cloud formations, the dynamic colors of sunsets, the volcanic flow blended with the sea and the cosmos that creates a balanced composition challenging the imagination and the intellect.

Latest Quotes

"... thank you for sharing your art with me. I think the pieces are strong and beautiful. Your use of colors and your technique make the paintings appear to smolder, glow, and radiate light."
--- J. Gile (read full quote)

"... Your paintings remind me of a couple of lines from Mathew Arnold, a 19th century British poet."
--- P. and D. Lilje (read full quote)

My paintings have been acquired for the collections of individuals, as well as commercial enterprises.

All of my art work is framed and is ready to hang on arrival. My medium is enamel and has a varnish finish which significantly enhances the colors. All of the paintings are signed and I also include a certificate of authenticity. By request you can receive the piece unframed for $200 less.

abstract art - journey into spaceI encourage you to continue to browse my web site as I am adding selections continually and emphasize again that each one is unique and allows you to use your imagination to the fullest. To contact me, please call 702-896-0403.

It has been proven that abstract art is a great healer. The colors and shapes can change your emotions from negative to positive very quickly. It also can create a calming and peaceful influence. The universe belongs to all of us, plays a large part in our lives, influences our actions, imagination and creativity.

NEWS: To all of the people interested in my work, I will be presenting my vision of the universe at the 2009 Star Trek convention, being held at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, on August 6 - 9, 2009. As of February 26, 2009, I am the only artist appearing at the convention.