Contemporary Abstract Art - Philip Kenton - Visions of the Universe

Latest Quotes

"Thanks for responding to my inquiry. I am always interested in finding out more about how artists use our product.

Also, thank you for sharing your art with me. I think the pieces are strong and beautiful. Your use of colors and your technique make hte paintings appear to smolder, glow, and radiate light."

--- Jeanette Gile, Marketing Manager at Strathmore Products

"Hi Phil, this is Pauline Lilje, part of the Lilye team. We apologize for not being able to attend the reception for the show last week, but we did see the show, and it was wonderful. We were proud to be a part of it. Your universe paintings are just great. They are evocative of space, the beauty of its emptiness and loneliness. Your paintings remind me of a couple of lines from Mathew Arnold, a 19th century British poet.

"for we are here as on a darkling shore, where ignorant armies clash by night"

On a more technical note, your uses of enamel paints suits your themes. Enamel, with its slippery, slidy quality does seem to evoke the quality of the universe, doesn't it? I never thought Jackson Pollack was any kind of genius except for his use of enamels, which I thought showed good taste on his part."

--- Artists Pauline and Donald Lilje